Ewa Dolck goes international !

Ewa Dolck,that’s me…… a swedish designer using concrete and upcycling in my art and designs.

The somewhat unusual material concrete goes very well in garden designs when combined with rusty iron in tables or coloured glass in bird baths. Candle sticks, wall decorations and bowl are other pieces designed and produced in the work shop.

However the newest part of my collection is jewelry where concrete is combined with recycling such as crystal prismas from chandeliers or beads and pearls from old or new jewelry.  Concrete details are casted in own designed moulds, sometimes using colour pigment added with a tooth pick. After a week drying/curing carefully grinded and polished and finally coated. When dry the concrete details are assembled with various upcycling materials. Chains, ear pins etc are always new, nickel free and/or silver. Connection rings and details are soldered and polished and finally the new jewelry is displayed and photographed.

During autumn 2017 the first international release for Ewa Dolck jewelry will take place in Hong Kong Oct 31st – Nov 6th. For more information on the event visit Art and Desig Market on Tour.

In the gallery to the right you will find the items displayed during the pop up shop in Hong Kong.


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